Going from elementary school to secondary school is an exciting time!

As a grade 9 student, you will experience new routines, new roles, new relationships and mentors to assist you in preparing for your high school experience. However, all of life's transitions - even positive ones - can be challenging.


You don't need to worry - we've got you covered! There are so many opportunities for you to become involved in, or find the right person to help you, that you can feel comfortable, safe, and prepared for your future.


We want to help you in every way possible to make sure that you are successful and that you are positioned on the path toward success. Our teachers and administrators are committed to providing all students with a safe, caring, engaging, and welcoming place that looks out for individual student learning styles and needs.

  • How do I get involved?
  • Where can I ask questions?
  • What if I’m afraid?
  • What if I’m worried?
  • Where can I get help?
  • How do I make friends?
  • How do I fit in?

Got lots of questions about what courses to take?

  • What happens after high school?
  • Can I get hands-on workplace experience?
  • Do I need to plan for after high school right now?
  • What if I make the wrong choices?
  • How do I make sure I’m prepared for university?
  • What if I don’t want to go to university or college?
  • Can I get college credits when I’m in high school?
  • Can I change my mind after grade 9?
  • When do I have to decide what I’m doing after high school?
  • Do I choose what career I want right now?
  • If I have a learning disability can I still go to college or university?

Selecting Courses for Grade 9

Grade 8 students are invited to attend information sessions about course offerings and course selection with their parents. These sessions usually occur in December or January.

The secondary school Guidance Department will also provide information on possible post-secondary destinations. The grade 10 Career Course can also assist students in exploring potential careers.

The following information and resources has been provided to help make the transition between elementary and secondary school smoother.

Career Cruising –