Interested in a Night School Co-op Placement?

Co-operative Education

Jan 31

coop-logoAre you a high school student? Interested in earning a credit in the evening? If so, please contact your school’s Guidance Department to find out more information. Based upon interest, placements would tentatively begin on March 3, 2014 and end on June 20, 2014.

Background: How do night school cooperative education programs benefit students?

 Night school cooperative education programs:

  • give students the opportunity to take cooperative education if they are unable to do so during the regular day school program because of scheduling conflicts;
  • provide access to placement opportunities that are not available during the regular school day (e.g., in connection with disciplines such as the arts);
  • enable students to earn the compulsory and/or optional credits they need to complete their OSSD. (These could be the cooperative education credits required for a Specialist High Skills Major [SHSM] in an area that involves evening work, such as the arts.);
  • can engage returning students who were early school leavers by providing an opportunity for learning in the workplace.