College Pathway


Students applying to an Ontario college need an Ontario diploma. This must include Grade 12 English (University or College level) and any other required program prerequisites specified by the college to which the student applies. In some cases, an interview, pre-placement test, audition, portfolio or other requirement may need to be met once the application has been received by the college.
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Grades are sent electronically to the Ontario College Application Service by the Trillium Lakelands District School Board.
Secondary school students need to complete a “Freedom of Information” release form to allow schools to release marks electronically.
Yes. Lots of colleges offer collaborative, consecutive or degree transfer options to universities at a later time.
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Many students begin at college in a general arts and science program and later transfer into a post diploma program that leads to a degree.
Did you know that…

  • Colleges consider your grade 11 and 12 marks at the College, University/College and University level
  • Doing well in college level courses will increase your options more than just passing in University level courses
  • There are lots of different ways to complete a degree if you begin in an apprenticeship, at college or in the workplace
  • Most Universities give credit for education you have already completed at the post secondary level
  • Thousands of agreements exist between colleges and universities that lead straight from a diploma to a degree program
  • Readiness: are you prepared and ready for the challenges of a University environment?
  • Course preparedness: can you handle a full load of University level courses?
  • Grades: are you able to achieve the overall average required for entrance to your desired program?
  • Finances: can you afford University tuition costs?
  • Career goal: is University the best way to meet your job potential?
  • Options: have you thought about your learning style in a post secondary match?
  • Collaborative: complete a college diploma and a university degree together
  • Degree completion: begin at college and complete a degree at university
  • Transfer: complete a college diploma and use some or all of the credits to begin a degree program

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